Huckabee Interviews Romney on Abortion

By Dave Andrusko

Contrary to what many accounts have said or implied, the interview Mike Huckabee conducted with former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney was both helpful and reasonably tough. Huckabee, himself a former governor and 2008 presidential candidate, interviewed Romney on Fox News’ Huckabee Saturday night.

Huckabee gently but straightforwardedly stated, “There’s still concerns that some of social conservatives have: Would you be a pro-life president, and what would that mean for you? How would you give some assurance that that’s not an issue they have to worry about if Mitt Romney is the president?

Romney responded

“I’d make sure the progress that’s been made to provide for life and to protect human life is not progress that would be reversed. I’d make sure that justices that go to the Supreme Court are justices that have a conviction that their job is to follow the law and not create the law from the bench.

“I would encourage legislation which provided to individuals the information they needed to make a choice, an informed choice, about whether or not to have an abortion. My view is the Supreme Court should reverse Roe v Wade and send back to the states the responsibility for deciding whether they going to have abortion legal is their state or not.”

Huckabee responded by asking if that might not mean some states would “have more prolific abortions than they have now.” Romney answered,

“Well I think we have to decide what politically has the greatest potential of being successful. I think that if you turn back to the states the responsibility for deciding whether or not abortion would be legal you would find states retreating from the decision made by the Supreme Court.

He then cited a couple of examples of where progress might be made under that scenario, concluding the results “would be better than our current setting.” Then Romney added

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone in the country agreed with you and me that life begins at conception–and that there’s a sanctity of life that’s part of a civilized society and that we’re all going to agree there should not be legal abortion in the nation? That’d be great. But I don’t think that’s where we are right now. But I do think where the majority of the American people would go would be to say let states make the decision and then I think state by state you’d see us we would pull back from some of the more expansive prochoice decisions made by the Supreme Court.”

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