Victim of brutal attack that killed her unborn baby goes home from hospital

Michelle Wilkins

By Dave Andrusko Michelle Wilkins, the 7-month-pregnant victim of a savage attack that ended with her baby dead, has left the hospital and is in a “safe location” “surrounded by friends and family,” according to a statement issued by the

At a loss, pro-abortionists pretend not to understand what is banned under the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act


By Dave Andrusko When we wrote our Kansas story yesterday, the House had just passed the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act on a voice vote. Later on Wednesday there was a formal vote on SB 95, and it

Man who tried to convince girlfriend to abort faces third trial on charges he murdered daughter when she was four

Cameron John Brown [file photo]

By Dave Andrusko Prosecutors are trying for a third time to convince a jury that Cameron John Brown threw his 4-year-old daughter off a 120-foot cliff in Rancho Palos Verdes nearly 15 years ago. Brown’s attorney said Lauren Sarene Key’s

Twisting “art” to justify China’s brutally repressive One-Child Policy


By Dave Andrusko We’re out of our home for a few days so we wind up reading the newspaper a day or two late. But I about choked on my apple crunch muffin this morning when I read a book

Why a woman should tell her OB-GYN she has had an abortion


By Dave Andrusko As they say, nothing is ever really lost in cyberspace. I received an email last night from a reader who ran across a post I’d written some time ago. The reader was stunned that something this sensible

6 people whose lives are changing the abortion debate

Baby Noah

By Kristi Burton Brown 1) 12-week-old Noah Noah died during a miscarriage at 12 weeks and 5 days. His mother willingly shared an amazing photo of his tiny human body so that others could see the humanity of the preborn child

Why Disability Rights Groups Oppose Assisted Suicide


The disability rights community is one of the most vocal opponents of assisted suicide By Micaiah Bilger, Education Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Many news outlets stereotype opponents of assisted suicide as merely religious; but we who fight to protect people

Killing for Organs Push in The Atlantic Magazine


By Wesley J. Smith I have repeatedly warned about articles published in medical and bioethics journals advocating killing the profoundly disabled or dying for their organs. The assault on the “dead donor rule” has now filtered down to the popular

Taxpayer funded abortion ban, abortion facility licensing bills approved by House committee

Minnesota State Rep. Tama Theis

MCCL-supported protective measures advance at Legislature ST. PAUL — Abortion facilities would be licensed and taxpayer funding of abortion would be prohibited under two bills passed by a committee of the Minnesota House of Representatives on Wednesday. Both protective measures

Children’s Book about Abortion: My ‘Sister Is a Happy Ghost!’


By Katie Yoder A three-year-old named Lee defends the abortion of his sister in a new children’s book – by an author with her own “ghost sister.” “Sister Apple, Sister Pig” by Mary Walling Blackburn focuses on an adult topic:

Abortionists agree – abortion is killing


By Sarah Terzo “A fetus isn’t a baby.” “A woman has a right to choose.” These are often the most common statements a pro-lifer hears when discussing abortion with pro-choice people. “It isn’t a baby until it’s born.” “Abortion isn’t killing.”

Mo Yan, “Frogs,” and China’s one child policy

Guan Moye, the Chinese author who writes under the pen name of Mo Yan

By Marcus Roberts Editor’s note. Elsewhere today, we critique a very, very different review of the book “Frogs,” recently translated into English. Back in 2012, Michael [Cook] wrote a piece about Guan Moye, the Chinese author who writes under the