Idaho Senate overwhelmingly supports bill to inform women chemical abortions can be halted

By Dave Andrusko If the Idaho House concurs with the Idaho Senate, the Gem State will become the fifth state to be able to offer women reconsidering their chemical abortions information about how to halt them—“abortion reversal,”

Rev. Billy Graham: RIP

By Dave Andrusko When I purchased the second-in-my-lifetime brand new car last year, it came with Sirius XM. Lo and behold I discovered that among the hundreds of different channels was The Billy Graham Channel (channel 145)

Pennsylvania mother turns down abortion, chooses fetal surgery for unborn baby diagnosed with severe spina bifida

Nine months later her baby is developmentally “right on schedule” By Dave Andrusko When Michelle Blaire of Hermitage, Pa. learned her unborn child had been diagnosed with the most severe form of spina bifida, she told WFMJ-TV

The quintessential illustration of the bubble in which the Establishment Media lives

By Dave Andrusko You would expect a pompous self-important newspaper like the Washington Post—the one that ominously reminds us “Democracy Dies in Darkness” (aka without the Post)—to repost the entirety of the Reuters Memorial Lecture delivered at

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough: Attacking Trump Is ‘What We Do’

By Bill D’Agostino After insisting for months that President Trump has been undermining one of America’s most vital institutions with his attacks on the news media, the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe briefly dropped their act. On

“You can’t see right now what it will become”: Building “Pro-Life Cathedrals”

By Dave Andrusko Who are the most influential educators on the abortion issue? No, it’s not the pro-abortion media behemoths who are taking their own pulse and evangelizing the already converted. It’s you: grassroots pro-lifers all around

Testing for Down syndrome, when woman sees ultrasound, she realizes she’s pregnant with “a little person”

By Sarah Terzo From a woman who was being tested to see if her baby had Down syndrome or another handicap; she had been considering abortion if the baby was discovered to be disabled. She’s describing what

How a State Grant Will Help One Pro-Life Center Rescue More Lives in 2018

By Katie Franklin “Father, bless us today and give us the right words to say to each client.” This prayer marks the beginning of “A Day in the Life of PDHC,” a promotional video for Columbus, Ohio-based

94 days to Save the 8th amendment to the Irish Constitution

The referendum date has been announced–but will a Supreme Court case throw a wrench in the works? By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children The referendum on repealing the Eighth Amendment is likely to be

Belgian euthanasia dispute erupts over the killing of a person with severe dementia

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition A dispute has erupted in Belgium after a person with dementia was killed by euthanasia even though the person did not request death by lethal injection and was

Fraser Health in British Columbia enforces participation in Medical Aid in Dying

Editor’s note. This comes courtesy of LifeCanada. A recent directive from the Fraser Health Authority in British Columbia has ordered all healthcare facilities to participate in euthanasia (Medical Aid in Dying–MAiD) including hospice and palliative care, exempting

Judge rules Alfie’s ventilator can be turned off

Father vows to fight on By Dave Andrusko A furious Tom Evans said today the battle to keep his seriously ill son on a ventilator “isn’t over, this is just the start” moments after Mr. Justice Hayden