Woman withdraws lawsuit against abortion clinic for “failed” abortion

Ariel Knights, who did not want to be photographed, and her Attorney James J. Gutbrod. (Mike Cardew/Akron Beacon Journal)

  By Dave Andrusko It’s been well over a year since last we reported on Ariel Knights, the northeast Ohio woman who filed a malpractice lawsuit against an Akron abortion clinic seeking unspecified damages for pain and suffering and emotional

5th Circuit Court of Appeals panel hears challenge from abortionists to Texas pro-life law

Stephanie Toti, Center for Reproductive Rights

  By Dave Andrusko Last Friday, a three-judge panel of the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments from the state of Texas and the Center for Reproductive Rights which is representing a coalition of abortion providers over whether

A gorgeous 4 minute video journey from infancy to old age

Coming full circle: The artist skillfully demonstrates the poignancy of growing older in the four-minute video.

  By Dave Andrusko As we have observed dozens and dozens of times, arguably the best way to reach the undecided is to show them the marvelous complexity of the unborn child through her developmental journey and how what you

Woman Died After Marie Stopes-Linked Abortion


  By LifeZine Editor’s note. LifeZine is a publication of the Irish Family & Life Organization, a leading Irish pro-life organization. An investigation has revealed more information about a woman who died in 2011 from a botched late-term abortion at

Overview of Fetal Development


  By Sarah Terzo Editor’s note. This appeared at clinicquotes.com. Day 1: Sperm joins with ovum, to form one cell smaller than a grain of salt. The new life has inherited 23 chromosomes from each parent, 46 in all. This

Doctor’s Note Required to Use Chapstick in School—Yet Abortions Available to Minors


  Posted by Stacie Kuhns A news story has been making the rounds about a ridiculous elementary school regulation against students’ use of lip balm. A fifth-grader named Grace Karaffa requested some Chapstick while on the playground and was denied.

The lasting impression left on those who loved her by newborn’s brief life

  By Lauren Enriquez Early this month, the Managing Editor of America magazine, Kerry Weber, received a phone call from her mom telling her that her niece had been born. She knew that the joyful news of the birth brought

ABC Skips, WashPost Downplays Majority of the Public Defines Obama Presidency a ‘Failure’

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

  By Tim Graham On Page 2 of Monday’s Washington Post, their political team Aaron Blake and Sean Sullivan reported this in their weekly focus on the best news for each party. For Republicans, the best news? “A Washington Post-ABC

Brian Gallant’s motives for repealing New Brunswick’s regulation 84-20

New Brunswick’s Liberal Leader Brian Gallant

  Editor’s note. This appeared on the Canadian prolife blog www.morgentalerdecision.ca/brian-gallants-motives-for-repealing-new-brunswicks-regulation-84-20. “CBS” refers to the Canadian Broadcasting Service. On the August 23 episode of CBC’s “The House,” Jacques Poitras interviewed New Brunswick’s Liberal Leader Brian Gallant about the abortion funding

Psychiatrist Surrenders to Assisted Suicide

Psychiatrist H. Steven Moffic

  By Wesley J. Smith When you begin to redefine terms to permit some suicides, you have surrendered to suicide. Case in point: In “Psychiatric Times,” Psychiatrist H. Steven Moffic advocates renaming assisted suicide and redefining some with intense suicidal

Debate over late abortion intensifies as British mother releases photo of premature daughter born at 24 weeks

Emily Caines, 25, has released a photograph of the moment her premature daughter Adelaide was born

  By Dave Andrusko Earlier this week NRL News Today wrote about the controversy that ensued when it was learned (as the Sunday Times wrote) that “AT LEAST 120 babies born during week 23 of a pregnancy — the last

New Zealand mother creates stunning photos of girl born without left hand to prove she can live normal, everyday childhood


  By Dave Andrusko For award-winning photographer Holly Spring, it was not until… It was not until daughter Violet Spring was clinging to life in an Auckland Hospital that Mrs. Spring “realised just how incredibly important her daughter’s fragile life