A few thoughts four days before the New Hampshire primary


By Dave Andrusko Last night’s mano y mano faceoff between pro-abortionists Hillary Clinton and Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders was pretty much all you could have asked for. Each gave as good as they got five days before New Hampshire’s

Mother sues for $14.5 million for “wrongful birth” of daughter born with Cystic Fibrosis

Kerrie Evans of Gardiner, Montana, testifies in District Judge Mike Salvagni's courtroom on Wednesday.

By Dave Andrusko On Wednesday a Montana mother delivered her opening statement in a civil trial where she is suing her health care providers for $14.5 million in damages because she says they did not diagnose her daughter’s cystic fibrosis.

Washington State Senate panel passes ban on sex-selection abortions

Washington State Sen. Mike Padden

OLYMPIA – A bill banning abortions for sex-selection purposes cleared the Senate Law and Justice Committee Wednesday night and awaits action in the Senate Rules Committee. Calling the practice a true “war on women,” Law and Justice Chair Mike Padden,

A clever, very pro-life announcement about “a little buckaroo to complete our crew”


By Dave Andrusko Like most [all?] pro-lifers, I am a pushover for clever, creative ways to announce a new baby is on the way. Enter reverbnation.com. Until I watched the video and investigated, I knew nothing about Chad Bramlet. Now

Abortion: Another Word for Failure


By Jean Garton Editor’s note. Jean Garton is best known to pro-lifers as the author of the classic, “Who Broke the Baby?” But over the years she has also contributed a number of wonderful essays for National Right to Life

Simon’s Law: “To Be Heard”


By Sheryl Crosier Editor’s note. Missouri State Rep Bill Kidd has filed HB 1915, Simon’s Law. It has two basic components. First, a health care facility must let a patient, resident or a prospective patient or resident know if they

“Inconvenient truths” undermine case for Physician-Assisted Suicide


By Dave Andrusko I was lucky enough to be included in an email distributed to a number of people and organizations who are fighting the scourge of physician-assisted suicide. Included was a link to a fascinating piece that ran in

Normalizing Elder Couple Joint Suicides


By Wesley J. Smith People keep pretending that assisted suicide/euthanasia are about terminal illness. That’s a clear ploy to get people to accept the premise that killing is an acceptable answer to human suffering. After that, logic will take over.

Woman waking up from abortion: “Give me back my baby!”


By Sarah Terzo The Abortionist is a book written by an illegal abortionist in 1962. This is the contents of a letter that was written to the abortionist. [1] “I recall fighting my way out of the black void into

Making suicide easier – and no one takes notice

Philip Nitschke

By Paul Russell, Director, Hope Australia “The reality is, a portion of our population will suicide and I don’t think we should make it so hard.” Who said that? You’re guessing; putting two and two together, noting the author of

Remembering, Fulfilling the Calling to Compassionate Help


By Kirk Walden Driving down a South Georgia road the other night on my way to a pregnancy center event, I had some time to reflect. As I was thinking about what I was going to say to those in

Hillary Clinton’s dismal “Town Hall” performance


By Dave Andrusko The Washington Post runs a column under the headline, “Who had the worst week in Washington,” typically choosing an individual who had… a really bad week. If there was an award for “Who had the worst day

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