False attacks on pro-life champions only hurt the unborn


In the past week, pro-life senators and representatives in Congress won two very important fights to add language to bills to prevent funds for those programs from being used for abortion. Those are significant victories. For example, the Hyde Amendment

Self-induced abortions and the myth of female empowerment


By Dave Andrusko Anyone who follows National Right to Life News Today knows that we keep close tabs on the occupants (and their numbers, alas, are growing) of the zanier precincts of pro-abortion advocacy. Even if you wanted to, you

Florida Senate joins House in passing 24-hour waiting period, bill headed to Governor’s desk

Pro-life Gov. Rick Scott

By Dave Andrusko As anticipated, the Florida Senate today joined the Florida House in overwhelming supporting a 24-hour waiting period for women seeking an abortion. Friday’s 26-13 Senate vote in favor of HB 633 came after about an hour of

Little girl born at prematurely at 23 weeks about to enter school at age three


Mother calls for lowering upper age at which babies can be aborted By Dave Andrusko I’m as guilty as the next guy on this. We write about preemies who are born well ahead of schedule (often times after parents have

Maternal health depends on the quality of medical care, not on the legal status or availability of abortion

Scott Fischbach, Executive Director of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life

Editor’s note. The 48th annual Commission on Population and Development (CPD), held April 13-17 at the United Nations headquarters in New York, provided an opportunity for pro-life organizations to influence the commission’s plans and recommendations for the next 15 years.

Clinton’s pro-abortion speech candidly reveals just how a dangerous a threat she poses

Pro-abortion Hillary Clinton

By Dave Andrusko As our last post of the week, I’d like to offer a few thoughts about pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s speech yesterday at the “Women in The World Summit” in New York City. Arch-feminist and militant pro-abortionist

Be A Voice for the Voiceless in New Orleans!


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Serbian abortionist who performed over 40,000 abortions becomes pro-life activist

Stojan Adasevic

By Sarah Terzo It should have been a routine abortion in the early second trimester. The woman was having her ninth abortion, as former Serbian abortionist Stojan Adasevic describes in the documentary “The First Hour” Adasevic, who is now a

I Rise


By Chelsea Zimmerman The other day I took Grammerly’s Who is your poet BFF? Quiz and got Maya Angelou. I didn’t immediately think much of the results. It was just a fun little distraction. But then I read the poem

Austin Chronicle article harms women by mischaracterizing pregnancy resource centers


By Texas Right to Life AUSTIN, TX –Pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) are a source of encouragement and support for women facing an unplanned pregnancy, but the centers are again under intense attack from the abortion lobby. The latest vitriol against

Abortion and future children: a letter to my aborted half-sibling


Editor’s note. The following was sent a while back to National Right to Life. It speaks volumes about a part of the abortion battle that is rarely discussed: its impact on siblings. About a week ago my mother told me

Ipas Promotes Illegal Abortion Network in Mexico


Editor’s note. This appeared at the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues. Ipas is an ultra-aggressive international promoter of abortion. While promoting access to abortion as a “reproductive right” at the United Nations and advocating for the elimination of pro-life laws,