Lots to say about today’s avalanche of anti-Trump newspaper editorials

By Dave Andrusko Depending on who’s counting (or has the time to do an exhaustive search), between 200 and 300 newspapers sharpened their already razor-sharp knives today to slice and dice President Trump. As a near First

It’s quick and easy to have NRL News Today sent to you automatically

By Dave Andrusko Every day I am reminded that there are an awful lot of people who see National Right to Life News Today stories, not because they have signed up to receive our daily dispatch in

A feeble attempt to avoid admitting to children they could have been aborted

By Dave Andrusko In the course of a conversation, an acquaintance recently mentioned that the TBS comedy “The Detour” had been renewed for a fourth season. It was odd because I don’t watch the show and also

Commemorating National Right to Life’s 50 Years of Defending Life

Editor’s note. 2018 is the 50th anniversary of the National Right to Life Committee. As part of NRLC’s annual Yearbook, which was distributed to attendees at the NRLC convention in Overland, Kansas, there were many tributes to

California Okays Encouraging Assisted Suicide

By Wesley J. Smith Not content with legalizing assisted suicide for the terminally ill if they independently decide they want hastened death, the California Legislature has voted to allow people to encourage and persuade the dying to

Upcoming Camp Joshua Pro-Life Leadership Camp

By Nevada Right to Life High school students stand at ground zero in the abortion battle. Culture, peers, and oftentimes their own schools and teachers normalize and promote abortion. How can we inoculate and empower our kids

Abortion activists panic over pro-life billboard pointing out Canada has no abortion law

By James Risdon DARTMOUTH, Nova Scotia, August 15, 2018 – Abortion activists and supporters are in a tizzy over billboards that state there is no abortion law in Canada, saying the billboards are misleading and disappointing. “If

Medical Experts Now Agree that Severely Brain-injured Patients are Often Misdiagnosed and May Recover

By Nancy Valko Editor’s note. This appeared at Nancy’s blog. All emphases are Nancy’s. People with severe brain injuries from accidents, strokes, illness, etc. are often in comas at first. If they don’t die or spontaneously wake

Ireland: Abortion Contagion Spreading to Northern Ireland

The Health Minister for the Republic of Ireland has announced that women in Northern Ireland will be able to access abortion services in the south By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children In a move

Abortionist complains about pro-life movement

By Sarah Terzo Dr. John Parsons, in an interview from Kings College Hospital, London, The Universe, Sunday, March 2, 1997: “The pro-life movement is having a negative impact on abortion. Sometimes women change their minds on the

A coldblooded academic exercise in “fetal reduction”

By Dave Andrusko Even before I came to National Right to Life, lo these many years ago, I knew that by and large the bioethics set was composed of some strange characters. There were, of course, notable

Life is Life and Must be Protected

Editor’s note. This column, written by NRLC President Carol Tobias, appears on page 3 of the August digital edition of National Right to Life News. Please share this story and all the contents of our latest edition