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  Check out these stories and many more in the latest edition of National Right to Life News.  Read it now! NJ Board of Medical Examiners permanently revokes notorious abortionist’s medical license The board cited Brigham for a bistate abortion

A great two weeks for Pro-Life Kansas Senator Pat Roberts

Greg Orman (left) and pro-life U.S. Senator Pat Roberts

  By Dave Andrusko Every observer will come away from the wide-ranging debate between pro-life Kansas Senator Pat Roberts and “independent” challenger Greg Orman with a different scorecard. But for single-issue pro-lifers, we couldn’t be happier with the results of

Pro-abortion Iowa Senate candidate falsely says he opposes late abortions


  By Dave Andrusko Thanks to the indispensable John McCormack of The Weekly Standard for not allowing pro-abortion Iowa Democratic senatorial candidate Bruce Braley to run away from his record. In yesterday’s debate with pro-life Republican senatorial candidate Joni Ernst,

Legislation to Protect Unborn Babies Who Feel Pain? “Yeah, I would veto it,” says Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate

Mary Burke, who is running for Governor of Wisconsin

  By Chelsea Shields, Communications Assistant, Wisconsin Right to Life Wisconsin has made huge strides in the protection of unborn babies and mothers in our state. In just 2013 alone, our new lifesaving laws gave mothers more information about their

Cecile Richards joins in to tout that abortion “wasn’t a difficult decision” for her

Cecile Richards

  By Dave Andrusko Imagine if you can, you’re part of the increasingly confident, increasingly zany wing of the Pro-Abortion Movement. These are the militants who really do believe that “telling your abortion story” will open the door to wider

Missing the Assisted Suicide Gorilla in Room

Wesley Smith

  By Wesley J. Smith Good for USA Today for publishing a high profile article on the USA “suicide crisis”–40,000 per year. But the story laments that people no longer much care: Americans are far more likely to kill themselves

Chloe: planting more positive seeds in 11 years than most human beings do in a lifetime


  By Kurt Kondrich During the month of October we celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Since the birth of my beautiful daughter Chloe in 2003 I have become very aware of characteristics and behaviors these amazing individuals with an extra

Open letter to Justin Trudeau – honoring conscience rights

Justin Trudeau, leader of Liberal Party of Canada

  Editor’s note. Justin Trudeau us the head of the Liberal Party and the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. This “Open Letter” was originally sent to Mr. Trudeau by Patricia Maloney, a prominent blogger, and others displeased with

The DPP needs to explain to Parliament why she has effectively decriminalised physician assisted suicide

Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders

  By Peter Saunders Editor’s note. Dr. Saunders is a former general surgeon and is CEO of Christian Medical Fellowship, a UK-based organization with 4,500 UK doctors and 1,000 medical students as members. In an astounding about face for the

Abortionists describes abortion of 13 week old unborn baby

12 weeks. A week younger than the baby being aborted

  By Sarah Terzo In an article about abortionist Dr. William Harrison, the author [Stephanie Simon] describes an abortion: An 18-year-old with braces on her teeth is on the operating table, her head on a plaid pillow, her feet up

Ban against assisted suicide is the norm and should remain the norm in Canada

Hugh Scher

  By Hugh Scher, legal counsel, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Editor’s note: This is adapted from an article first published in the Advocate Daily on October 16, referring to a television appearance Mr. Scher made Wednesday after the Supreme Court of

Kansas Senate challenger’s position on abortion “unconscionable” says pro-life Senator Pat Roberts

Pro-life U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts

  By Kathy Ostrowski, Legislative Director, Kansans for Life In the cola-dominated soft drink market, 7-up enjoyed great success after it labeled itself the “UN-cola” And for the last two months, a multi-millionaire without public service experience, Greg Orman, has