For unborn babies, the assault on America is very real indeed


Our nation, formed in such idealism in 1776, today is under assault. Some people might think that word “assault” is just a metaphor. Our values under “assault.” Our religious rights of conscience being “attacked.” All that is true, of course.

Happy Birthday, Georgia Life Alliance!


It’s been an amazing year for Georgia Life Alliance. Conceived in 2013, NRLC’s newest affiliate was born March 2014 through the love and labor of life-loving individuals who brought their gifts and passion for life together. Their growth this year

Furious back and forth on Florida’s 24-hour waiting period

Pro-life Gov. Rick Scott

By Dave Andrusko The action on Florida’s 24-waiting period is coming fast and furious. By the time you read this update, the legal status may have changed yet again. As NRL News Today reported, at 2:00pm on Tuesday, Leon County

The Anti-Life, Anti-Human politics of “Terminator Genisys”


By Dave Andrusko I had missed the news that Sonny Bunch, the executive editor of the Washington Free Beacon, a former film critic for the Washington Times and assistant editor of books and arts for the Weekly Standard, is now

Impersonating a doctor, Kermit Gosnell, and the cries of murdered newborns


By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Editor’s note. This appeared in the latest digital edition of National Right to Life News. You can read this story and all the other posts at As a reporter, I covered

Pro-Lifers celebrate as Tennessee waiting period and abortion clinic regulation laws take effect

Gov. Bill Haslam

By Dave Andrusko While the state of Florida battles an activist judge to ensure that its 24 hour waiting period goes (and stays) in effect, in Tennessee, the fruits of the state’s long-term pro-life commitment were on display. Taking effect

Ohio Governor Kasich Signs Pro-Life Budget

Ohio Gov. John Kasich

Budget Provides Funding for Pregnancy Centers and Standards for Abortion Facilities Editor’s note. The following was provided by Ohio Right to Life, NRLC’s state affiliate. COLUMBUS, Ohio–On Tuesday, pro-life Governor John Kasich signed the State of Ohio’s 2016-2017 Budget, which

Pro-Life Teacher files federal lawsuit against Pennsylvania State Education Association

Linda Misja

By Dave Andrusko A tip of the hat to Billy Hallowell for alerting readers to a pro-life public school teacher who is battling it out with Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA). The union dues of Linda Misja, a language teacher

2014 Minnesota Abortion Report: Unlicensed, uninspected abortion centers face stagnant business


ST. PAUL — Abortion numbers in Minnesota increased slightly last year after having fallen for seven consecutive years to their lowest level since 1974, according to the state’s 2014 Abortion Report. The report, issued today by the Minnesota Department of

New Zealand school nurse took underage girl for a secret abortion that left her barren


By Cassy Fiano Pro-abortion extremists would like nothing more than for parents to be kept out of the decision when teenage girls are considering abortion. They claim that abortion is vital “health care,” that parents shouldn’t have the right to

Watch Women, Children Respond to Concept of Abortion


By Micaiah Bilger, Education Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Last week, I watched two new videos about people responding to the topic of abortion. Though unrelated, both videos had similar content and were released about the same time. One video interviewed

Cowardly Canadian Docs Cooperate with Culture of Death

Dr. Jeff Blackmer

By Wesley J. Smith In the face of the Canadian Supreme Court imposing a radical nation-wide euthanasia regime on the entire country, the Canadian Medical Association is cooperating with the culture of death. From the National Post story: The nation’s