Clinton chooses pro-abortion Sen. Tim Kaine as running mate

Pro-abortion Hillary Clinton chooses pro-abortion Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate.

WASHINGTON – The president of the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), the federation of state right-to-life affiliates, said today she is not surprised by presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s choice of pro-abortion Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate.

Clinton about to announce VP choice, Trump vows to replace Scalia with “a person of similar views, principles and judicial philosophies”

Donald Trump and HIllary Clinton

By Dave Andrusko By the end of the day, we may know whom pro-abortion Hillary Clinton has selected to be her running mate. The only question will be whether the individual proudly touts his or her pro-abortion credentials or mutes

Alaska Supreme Court strikes down state’s parental notification law


By Dave Andrusko When last we wrote about Alaska’s parental notification law, Planned Parenthood of the Greater Northwest had just appealed Anchorage Superior Court Judge John Suddock’s 65-page decision that upheld the constitutionality of most of the law. Unfortunately, the

Decoding Hillary Clinton’s interview on NPR’s “On Point”

Pro-abortion Hillary Clinton

By Dave Andrusko I ran this post almost exactly two years ago. Why re-post it now? For two reasons. Next week is the Democratic National Convention. The same networks and newspapers that skewered the Trump/Pence ticket–that could find nothing positive

New Video Memorializes American Victims of Abortion’s 30th Year

(left to right) Olivia Gans Turner, Pam Rucinski, and Karen Cross

Powerful movements often bubble up from painful life experiences. American Victims of Abortion (A.V.A.) is one such movement, now commemorating its 30th year. A specially produced video was the kick-off to a general session dedicated to A.V.A., at the recent

New parliamentary report on conscientious objection to abortion calls for widespread changes

All Party Parliamentary Prolife Group chair Fiona Bruce MP with five other MPs from the APPG

By Dr. Peter Saunders Editor’s note. Dr. Saunders is a former general surgeon and CEO of Christian Medical Fellowship, a UK-based organization with 4,500 UK doctors and 1,000 medical students as members. A new parliamentary report has found that there

Indiana Court of Appeals Overturns Feticide Conviction against Purvi Patel

Purvi Patel (Photo courtesy St. Joseph Jail)

By Dave Andrusko A three-judge panel of the Indiana Court of Appeals today vacated the charge of feticide against Purvi Patel and reduced her neglect of a dependent conviction from a class A felony to a class D felony. Patel

He has buried 10,000 aborted babies, but now he’s saving them

Mr. Phuc with an aborted baby. He is preparing the baby for a proper burial. Mr Phuc has been doing this work since 2004.

By Nancy Flanders Over the last decade, Tong Phuoc Phu from Vietnam has buried more than 10,000 aborted babies, giving them each a final resting place. But he wanted to do more, he wanted to save babies from abortion. And

New baby, new wonders

Tamara El-Rahi

First impressions from the first weeks of parenthood–a crash course in selflessness By Tamara El-Rahi Just under four weeks ago, my husband and I were overjoyed to welcome our first child – little Emma Maria, named after our mothers. In

Religious and pro-life conscience unwelcome in healthcare

Wesley Smith

By Wesley J. Smith Healthcare is quickly becoming about much more than the provision and reception of medical treatment. To a disturbing degree, healthcare public policy is becoming a means of imposing a secularist, anti–sanctity-of-life ideology on all of society.

Euthanasia will not give dignity any more than abortion gave equality

Jack Kevorkian, "Dr. Death," and abortionist Kermit Gosnell

By Mike Schouten, Campaign Director, Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post at Being pro-life means, by definition, being for life. The same groups that recognize the value of children in the womb are those who recognize

50 years ago today Members of Parliament approved 2nd Reading of the 1967 Abortion Act on the basis of lies

Lord David Steel

By John Smeaton, Executive Director, Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) Editor’s note. Some of the internal citations are omitted for clarity. Fifty years ago today, the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Bill [subsequently the Abortion Act 1967] passed

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