NRLC urges Senate to pass measure to nullify last-minute gift from Obama to Planned Parenthood

By Dave Andrusko Last month, on a vote 230-188, the House of Representatives voted to nullify an 11th hour Obama rule preventing states from redirecting Title X funds away from Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States.

The Painful Reality of Dismemberment Abortions

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director. Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Reality TV can reveal some painful realities at times. I was recently watching a reality television show in which cast members grimaced as they listened to a description of the barbaric mistreatment

Buried alive, newborn baby girl is miraculously rescued

By Dave Andrusko A fascinating juxtaposition of stories from India. Last Saturday, a newborn baby girl, who had been buried alive by her parents, was miraculous discovered “after a local resident spotted some movement on the earth where she was

Missouri House overwhelmingly passes measure neutralizing ordinance making St. Louis an “Abortion Sanctuary City”

Pro-life Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens

By Dave Andrusko When last we reported on Board Bill 203, passed by the St. Louis board of aldermen in February to make the largest city in Missouri an Abortion Sanctuary City, pro-life Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens was expressing his

Texas Senate approves SB 20, Pro-Life Health Insurance Reform

Texas State Senator Larry Taylor

Austin, Texas—March 28, 2017: Yesterday, the Texas Senate passed Senate Bill 20, Pro-Life Health Insurance Reform, on third reading on a 21-10 vote. The bill now moves to the House and awaits a hearing. Senate Bill 20 by Senator Larry

Gubernatorial candidate Tim Walz not right for Minnesota

Pro-abortion Rep. Tim Walz (D-Mn)

Abortion extremism won’t appeal to citizens ST. PAUL — Rep. Tim Walz, who announced his run for governor this morning, has compiled an extreme voting record on abortion that places him far outside the mainstream of Minnesotans, according to Minnesota

What if Pro-Life Centers Were as Bad as Big Abortion Says They Are?

By Jay Hobbs Three headlines have popped up in the past two weeks to prompt a hypothetical question: What if “they” were right? What if every slander of pro-life pregnancy centers and medical clinics was the absolute, bona fide, 100

A Different kind of lesson from the Nightly News

Our nation’s “respect deficit” By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation In the space of five minutes’ time, I once heard the following reports on a local TV newscast: A high school teacher who had been drinking alcohol to

Unseen, unknown, unborn–“Unborn Grace”

By Dave Andrusko I don’t recall exactly when (or how) I was made aware of the song, “Unborn Grace.” I’m guessing it appeared on an NRLC affiliate’s webpage where right to lifers will often find gems. “Unborn Grace” is taken

Media’s visceral backlash after NYT Op-Ed Calls Dems the ‘Abortion Party’

By Katie Yoder Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters. Katie Yoder included many examples of the pro-abortionists’ vile language in her story. We’re reposting only some of the numerous angry responses sparked by the Op-Ed. The liberal media want it

They decided on abortion, the father’s feelings didn’t matter

By Sarah Terzo In her book, Teri Stanon describes how when her daughter Sheri became pregnant, they did not care about the feelings of the baby’s father. They decided on abortion without consulting him: “Once Sheri’s pregnancy was discovered, the

Handicapped people lead great lives

By Lizzy Cannon As a teen living with Spina Bifida, I hear arguments from the pro choice community about how people born with handicaps will have “horrible lives.” I’m here to explain that that is a GIANT LOAD OF BLEGH.