Ohio Department of Health grants variance to Cincinnati abortion clinic to operate without patient-transfer agreement with nearby hospital

The Elizabeth Campbell Surgical Center

  By Dave Andrusko Cincinnati’s lone remaining abortion clinic has withdrawn its lawsuit against the state when the Ohio Department of Health granted The Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio’s Elizabeth Campbell Surgical Center a variance from the requirement that it

Two women facing terminal brain disease, two profoundly different legacies

Lauren Hill

  By Dave Andrusko I am convinced that anyone who read our stories about Brittany Maynard would come away knowing two things. We were deeply respectful of what she was going through and the enormous impact her terminal brain disease

Bill Pierce: A Champion of Adoption Fondly Remembered

Bill Pierce

  By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. November is Adoption Awareness Month and we are posting new (as in yesterday’s awesome story by Joleigh Little) and previously run, such as the following. It is a tribute to Bill Pierce written just

The inherent tension in the pro-abortion campaign to “tell your abortion story”


  By Dave Andrusko Let’s see. You are the Abortion Lobby and now the distortion that sort of, kind of worked for a while—the imaginary “War on Women”—is toast. People finally asked themselves, “Are you serious?” What to do? Switch

5th Circuit will hear chalenge to Texas omnibus pro-life bill on January 7


  By Dave Andrusko When we last discussed the latest string of legal challenges to HR 2, Texas’ omnibus pro-life bill, we emphasized how complicated the cases were and that the courts were just getting started. Beginning in the new

Political Money, Mobilization, Unable to Buy Elections for Planned Parenthood’s Political Arm


  By Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D., NRL Director of Education & Research Editor’s note. This appeared in the post-election digital edition of National Right to Life News, along with 31 other stories and commentaries. You can read the entire issue

Planned Parenthood worker: I talked to my unborn baby and “made peace” with him/her before aborting

First Trimester8

  By Sarah Terzo A Planned Parenthood worker who got pregnant and chose to have an abortion said the following: “I felt this entity within me, flooding me with immense strength and love… While pregnant, there was also the feeling

Doctor’s explanation of disability risks in unborn children can be misleading, author says


  By Sarah Terzo In a previous article, I spoke about the pressure that doctors often put on the parents of disabled unborn babies to abort. One study cited in that article found that: … [d]espite the shock and grief

Federal judge to hear Planned Parenthood lawsuit against Kansas info weblink law


  Federal Judge Kathryn Vratil has scheduled a hearing for December 8 on a lawsuit brought by two abortion clinics against a Kansas law intended to provide women with medically accurate facts before they enter any abortion clinic. The Kansas

5th Circuit refuses to reconsider decision striking down Mississippi law requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges


  By Dave Andrusko Earlier today the full 5th Circuit Court of Appeals refused to reconsider a ruling by a three-judge panel which blocked Mississippi from enforcing a law that requires abortionists to have admitting privileges at a local hospital.

Mom refuses to take “no” for an answer, baby said to have less than 5% chance of surviving is now thriving

Graceanne with her older sister Allie Claire

  By Dave Andrusko When Graceanne Payne came home from the hospital, just before Christmas 2013, she joined her mom and dad and older sister one day before her actual due date. Almost a year later, she “crawls enthusiastically and

I. Love. Adoption.

  By Joleigh Little Editor’s note. November is National Adoption Month. We’ve been running new and previously run stories on adoption all month. This wonderful post appeared yesterday on the author’s wordpress account, “See Joleigh Adopt.” Adoption is hard. Adoption