NY Times bemoans what a pro-life administration can do

Pro-life President-elect Donald Trump and his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway

By Dave Andrusko The editorial in today’s New York Times “What’s at Stake: Protecting Reproductive Rights Under Donald Trump”– is a very important reminder of what a presidential administration can do short of making nominations to the Supreme Court, to substantial

Changes to Woman’s Right to Know Booklet provide Texas women with more information, resources

By Texas Right to Life Editor’s note. This post from Texas Right to Life provides a helpful overview of a very important resource. The introduction to the booklet mentioned begins, “You are pregnant and want to know everything you can

Baby could have been aborted, but fetal surgery corrects rare heart condition

Katie Rice’s son Tucker underwent fetal heart surgery when she was 24 weeks pregnant with him.

By Dave Andrusko We’ve carried many stories of fetal surgery in which surgeons most typically correct spina bifida or remove lung tumors. But a report that came out recently in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology documented a medical

“Energized” by Trump victory, New Jersey legislators announce they will seek passage of Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

By Dave Andrusko I did not know that back in April, New Jersey state Sens. Steven Oroho (R-Sussex) and Joseph Pennacchio (R-Morris) introduced the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.” I learned that today when a story in the New Jersey

Emmy Award in Hand, Aid for Women Hoping to Celebrate One More Win

By Jay Hobbs Chicago-based Aid for Women, which has served thousands of women each year since 1978, is celebrating an unusual victory after hauling in its first-ever Emmy at Saturday night’s Chicago-Midwest Emmy Awards. Produced in partnership with Spirit Juice

‘Knocked Up’ Star Rejects Abortion in Powerful Note: ‘I Prayed to God’

Audra and Zane

By Katie Yoder Here’s a story that will defy the liberal media’s abortion agenda: A reality TV star is crediting God for the strength to keep her baby – in a both heartbreaking and heartwarming story. Lifetime’s Knocked Up docuseries

Not until she almost lost her unborn baby did Mom realize how much the baby meant to her

By Dave Andrusko I have been involved in the Movement since the 1970s and after all that time, I still never, ever cease to be amazed by how many ways there are to learn about, to appreciate the beauty of,

Through gritted teeth, TIME names Trump “Person of the Year”

By Dave Andrusko As you may have heard, TIME magazine today named pro-life President-elect Donald Trump its 2016 “Person of the Year.” You know, without me telling you, the narrative explaining the choice and the secondary story ratcheting up the

French Senate Passes Pro-Life Website Ban

Bill could be used to restrict churches from teaching about abortion By Bill McMorris The French Senate adopted a bill that will make it a crime to post pro-life information on the internet on Wednesday. The Senate voted 173-126 to

Chris Cuomo’s interminable confusion over “when life begins”

Chris Cuomo

By Dave Andrusko A real quick final post of the day. Chris Cuomo, son of the late New York governor Mario Cuomo and brother of the current governor, Andrew Cuomo is the co-host of CNN’s morning show “New Day.” He

A simple argument against abortion: No morally significant difference

By Paul Stark Since you, me, toddlers, teenagers, etc., have basic rights, and since there is no morally relevant difference (that is, relevant to whether one has basic rights) between us and human beings at earlier, prenatal developmental stages, it

Stunning Victories in Wisconsin Thanks to Pro-Life Grassroots

Pro-Life Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wi.)

By Heather Weininger Editor’s note. Over the last month we’ve posted a series of stories from our state affiliates discussing how much they did to make November 8 such a wonderful day for our Movement. Here is one more from

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