Preemie survives and thrives but this only makes her mother more supportive of “later abortions”


By Dave Andrusko From the pro-abortion perspective, if there is a foundational principle, it is that no matter what the outcome, the decision must always rest exclusively in the hands of the mother. Even when the choice is for life

British abortionists and their imaginary world of limitations on abortion


By Dave Andrusko The British Pregnancy Advisory Service is a rough and tumble, give no quarter abortion advocate with tentacles extending into Parliament, the British Medical Establishment, and academia. Clare Murphy is its Director of External Affairs, who recently penned

Why the ‘What If I hadn’t been born’ question so annoys pro-abortionists


By Dave Andrusko A while back Slate managing editor Rachael Larimore, no dyed-in-the-wool pro-lifer, wrote a column titled, “What if I hadn’t been born” which touched off a flurry of comments. And because she is not one of us, it

“It feels like a part of me died that day and will never return”


By Dave Andrusko “Since You Asked,” I gather, is a kind of advice column found Since no one would come away thinking this is a home for card-carrying pro-life activists, it is to Cary Tennis’ (and Salon’s) credit that

See you in New Orleans


The National Right to Life Convention is coming to New Orleans this summer. Join the national meeting of the pro-life grassroots July 9, 10, & 11, 2015, to learn and grow together so we can be a voice for the

Poll: Only 23% of Voters Say Reporters Will ‘Offer Unbiased Coverage’


By Matthew Balan The media’s reputation for bias was confirmed in a poll released Thursday by Rasmussen Reports, which found 61 percent of “likely U.S. voters do not trust the political news they are getting. That’s a 16-point jump from

New film shows the “lighter” side of assisted suicide


By Dave Andrusko Over the months, I’d read about “The Farewell Party,” which opened this week. The movie is set in a “Jerusalem retirement home in which one resident, an amateur inventor, devises a ‘mercy-killing machine,’” according to the New

The habits of the heart and mind that will overcome the evil of abortion


“And so, to actually describe the course of a real human journey – – which is partly logic, partly will, partly heart and so on – – is more logical because it is the description of reality, rather than those

Babies in first week feel pain new research demonstrates conclusively


By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. This appeared on page 21 of the May digital edition of National Right to Life News. This story, and all stories in the 39-page edition, can be accessed at Please pass this story (indeed,

Kansas stats & ex-abortionist rebut Wendy Davis’ defense of aborting 7lb babies

Kansas ex-abortionist, Kris Neuhaus

By Kathy Ostrowski, Legislative Director, Kansans for Life Former Texas State Sen. and failed gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, was caught on video Saturday saying tragic medical conditions cause all late-term abortions. However, ten years of Kansas abortion statistics demolish that

West Virginia’s Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act takes effect today


By Dave Andrusko Rarely does a headline better capture the obstacles our Movement so often overcomes in winning protection for unborn children. The Associated Press story, written by Jonathan Mattise and run today, is titled “20-week abortion ban in West

Appeals Court overturns lower court judge, upholds ban on “Choose Life” license plate


By Dave Andrusko When last we visited the battle over a Choose Life license plate in New York, Judge Neal McCurn had just ruled that the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) violated the First Amendment rights of the Children