Federal appeals court panel upholds lower court decision striking down North Carolina’s ultrasound law

Barbara Holt, President, North Carolina Right to Life

  By Dave Andrusko A three-judge panel of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals today unanimously upheld a lower court judge’s decision striking down The “Right to View” provision of North Carolina’s 2011 “Woman’s Right to Know” law. That provision

Pregnant woman pens letter of thanks and gratitude to mother of three who died while shielding her during hostage crisis

The closest of friends: Julie Taylor, left, and her friend Katrina Dawson, right, were both trapped in the Sydney cafe siege. While Ms Taylor, who is pregnant, survived, Ms Dawson did not.

  By Dave Andrusko Last week, we posted a story short on details (there were few at the time) but long on emotion. Katrina Dawson and Julie Taylor were close friends and during a hostage situation in Sydney, Australia, Dawson

Pro-abortionists see 2014 as “a terrible year for reproductive rights


  By Dave Andrusko Let’s take a few minutes to see why pro-abortion militant Armanda Marcotte believes “It’s Been a Terrible Year for Reproductive Rights.” But we’re going to take her conclusion first because it’s the kind of question-begging argument

Canadian Medical Association prepares for possible change allowing “physician-assisted death”


  By Dave Andrusko With the Supreme Court of Canada considering whether the federal prohibition that outlaws assisted suicide is unconstitutional, the Canadian Medical Association is “quietly preparing for possible changes in federal laws governing physician-assisted death,” as the Canadian

Scottish pro-life midwives who lost court battle to refuse to be involved in abortions described as “heroes”

John Keenan, bishop of the Diocese of Paisley in Scotland.

  By Dave Andrusko Last week NRL News Today posted a story explaining a hugely unfortunate decision in the case of two veteran Scottish midwives rendered by United Kingdom’s Supreme Court. It was an out-and-out defeat for freedom of conscience.

Telling the truth about abortion? That’s our job


  By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. We are rapidly approaching the 42nd anniversary of the infamous 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. This month we are re-running posts from past editions of NRL News and NRL News Today. In January we

Abortion textbook on the “products of conception” in an abortion by pill

8 weeks

By Sarah Terzo From a medical textbook on how to do abortions: “Involuntary viewing of the products of conception is not an issue during surgical abortions, but the patient needs to know that during a medical[pill] abortion she may see

Your Baby’s Development Month by Month


Editor’s note. The following appears on the webpage of Wisconsin Right to Life. Watch the video below to see the beginnings of life in the womb and the step-by-step process of fetal development. Thanks to National Right to Life for

Two contrasting responses to brain-dead women carrying unborn babies

Dylan Benson, whose wife Robyn had been on life-support, announced the arrival of his son Iver Cohen Benson on Facebook Monday. (photo: Dylan Benson)

  By Wesley J. Smith So a woman is declared brain dead in Ireland, but not taken off maintenance so her unborn child can gestate long enough to survive. The family wants to bury her. But a human life can

Mom told to abort her baby, who is now a 7-year-old “joy”


  By Nancy Flanders When Nalida Besson was pregnant with her third child, she was told to abort. It seemed some people, including her midwife, didn’t think Nalida could handle a third child, especially one who had a 50/50 chance

Abortion Rights author criticizes Planned Parenthood, says tide shifting pro-life

Katha Pollitt

  By Carole Novielli Editor’s note. We’ve posted a half-dozen stories on a new book by pro-abortion militant Katha Pollitt, “PRO—Reclaiming Abortion Rights.” The following story is based on what I would assume is a C-SPAN recording of Pollitt speaking

The right to life should not be subjective

Mark Penninga

  By Mark Penninga Editor’s note. This appeared October in the National Post, a prominent Canadian newspaper, and is reprinted with the author’s permission. In a recent column (‘Your Call, Friend’, Oct. 15), Matt Gurney argued that it is time