Charlie’s parents will be allowed to give further testimony at next week’s crucial hearing

Charlie Gard’s parents have released this heartbreaking image of their terminally ill son as they spend their last few hours with him (Picture: Featureworld)

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. As we were about to post this story, several outlets updated what transpired today in the courtroom of Justice Nicholas Francis. Without first showing the results to Charlie’s parents, Katie Gollop, the lawyer for the

National Right to Life training leaders for life

NRL Academy is well underway By Karen Cross, National Right to Life Political Director The National Right to Life halls are alive with the sound of students! Every year for more than a decade, pro-life students attending the National Right

Only NBC Reports Efforts to Grant Charlie Gard U.S. Permanent Residency

By Katie Yoder While the three broadcast networks have resumed coverage of British infant Charlie Gard, their reporting is lacking: only NBC has covered the recent efforts to grant Charlie and his parents permanent residency in the United States. And

Traitor Joe

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Has Senator Manchin betrayed the babies? By Karen Cross, NRL Political Director Editor’s note. This appears in the July digital edition of National Right to Life News. Please be sure to read the entire 37-page issue and pass stories along

Supporting a Friend When She’s Unexpectedly Expecting

Editor’s note. This appeared in Life Issues Forum and is reposted with permission. I had been brought up to believe that life is always a gift, but it certainly didn’t feel like one when I gazed in shock at a positive

Putting Infants “Down like Dogs”

By Wesley J. Smith The Charlie Gard tragedy has renewed public advocacy for legalizing infanticide. Writing in the New York Times earlier this month, Gary Comstock recounted the tragic death of his son, Sam, who was born with a terminal

Evil and the need to remember…always

By Dave Andrusko “Thousands of medical ethicists and bioethicists, as they are called, professionally guide the unthinkable on its passage through the debatable on its way to becoming the justifiable until it is finally established as the unexceptionable.” — Richard John

Why is Baby Charlie Gard’s Government-appointed Guardian a Euthanasia Activist?

Charlie Gard, who is almost one year old

By Nancy Valko So now we learn that the attorney for Baby Charlie Gard’s guardian is a euthanasia activist who is Chairman of Compassion in Dying, an “end-of-life” advocacy group with a sister organization that supports assisted suicide. This should

Abortion Advocates Challenge Texas Dismemberment Abortion Ban

By Texas Right to Life AUSTIN – Unsurprisingly, pro-abortion advocates are targeting the biggest Pro-Life victory of 2017: the Dismemberment Abortion Ban. After futile attempts to stop the measure from being signed into law, abortion providers and the Center for

“I know life begins at conception,” admits pro-choice activist

Jodi Jacobson

Editor’s note. This is from, citing Jodi Jacobson “Life Begins At Conception. That’s Not the Point,” which appeared at RH Reality Check November 4, 2012.] “Here is a startling revelation: I am a mother of two and a woman

Congresswoman and mother of her own “miracle child” offers amendment to grant residency to Charlie, Connie, and Chris

By Dave Andrusko By all indications, Justice Nicholas Francis will hand down his decision, potentially sealing the fate of little Charlie Gard, next Tuesday. The presiding judge is presumably evaluating the results of the latest tests on the nearly one-year-old

National Right to Life Convention a great success at “Keeping Tomorrow Alive”

Heather Weininger, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life, and David Daleiden, who heads the Center for Medical Progress and who was a General Session Speaker at NRL 2017.

By Heather Weininger, Executive Director, Wisconsin Right to Life Editor’s note. This appears in the July digital edition of National Right to Life News. Please be sure to read the entire 37-page issue and pass stories along using your social media