British Columbia Court opens door to expanding euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada

By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Only days after Canada legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide under the term “MAiD” [Medical Assistance in Dying], the BC Civil Liberties Association launched the first court case to expand

Being an abortionist “has taught me a lot about life”

By Sarah Terzo “I have performed 21 abortions today, ending pregnancies in women ageing from 16 to 44, who have traveled from as far as Northern Ireland to regain control over their own bodies. I have carefully

Pro-life Gillespie narrowly ahead in Va. Gubernatorial contest in latest Monmouth poll

Pro-life Ed Gillespie (left) and pro-abortion Ralph Northam

By Dave Andrusko I live in Virginia so I knew from the get-go that the gubernatorial contest between pro-life Republican Ed Gillespie and pro-abortion Democrat Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam would be a barn-burner right down to November

Public strongly supports pain-capable legislation, protection for right of conscience, new poll shows

By Dave Andrusko Let’s put together some recent NRL News Today posts and see what a new McLaughlin & Associates poll tells us about the “acceptability” of pro-life initiatives and Trump Administration executive actions that protect the

Mother charged with murdering 14-month-old girl, had wanted a boy

Inaya Ahmed died in April last year

By Dave Andrusko In a tragic case full of twists, prosecutors in Glasgow, England, have charged 28-year-old Sadia Ahmed with murdering her 14-month-old daughter in April 2016 by placing a cushion over Inaya Ahmed’s face and shaking

Takeaways for pro-lifers from a powerful PSA about pregnancy loss created by “Big Bang Theory” star Melissa Rauch

Photo: Winston Rauch

By Dave Andrusko To put it mildly, I am not on top of popular culture, even the most popular of popular culture such as the hit CBS television show The Big Bang Theory. That’s my excuse for

Daughter of pro-abortion billionaire George Soros gives Planned Parenthood political arm $500,000

Andrea Soros Colombel Flickr/Acumen Fund

By Dave Andrusko Kudos to Joe Schoffstall, writing for the Washington Free Beacon. Had it not been for his astute post, who knows how long it might have been before we learned that the daughter of pro-abortion

Planned Parenthood: Money + Abortion

By Bill Poehler Planned Parenthood dominates abortion in Minnesota and across the United States. But its very small role in reproductive services continues to shrink even as it grows its abortion business, according to its latest annual

Acknowledging that pain-capable legislation is strongly supported by women and men

By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. This editorial appeared on page 2 of the October digital edition of National Right to Life News. Please read the issue cover to cover and share with friends using your social media

President Trump: “Renewing our Nation’s strong commitment to promoting the health, well-being, and inherent dignity of all children and adults with Down syndrome”

Pro-life President Donald Trump

Editor’s note. October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, a time, according to The Jerome Lejeune Foundation, when “we applaud caregivers, families, and medical professionals — but most of all, we applaud all the wonderful people with Down

Awakening and Mobilizing the “Sleeping Majority” of Pro-Lifers in El Salvador

Ana Munguia (right) with Cindi Boston and Dr. Ronaldo Archer in El Salvador Photo Courtesy: Heartbeat International

By Jay Hobbs Every day for the past decade, a small group has gathered to pray for an end to abortion in El Salvador—a nation of six million citizens which, though it boasts some of the most

Still time to excise the death panels

By Wesley J. Smith Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post that appeared at the Weekly Standard and is reposted with permission. …There is still time to excise the Independent Payment Advisory Board from the Affordable Care